Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 67: VaginAhhh!

Save Point Sunday is back baby! And we've returned with a vengeance! NEW AUDIO SETUP, NEW TOPICS, AND OLD DICK JOKES. It's like your favorite fast food joint got an entire remodel but forgot that their food will still give you diarrhea. Join us as we have a lively discussion about the future of video games and perhaps even media as we know it: VIRTUAL REALITY! We're going to discuss what VR means for our future. Will it bring cool games? Will it help us work out at the gym? And the most important question of all: HOW WILL IT HELP US LOOK AT PORN?! Well we get hands-on and find out just for you! It's better than ever (Easy when you set the bar low), it's Save Point Sunday!


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