Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 66: Season three finale!

OH how the time has passed! You may have thought the finale wasn't coming since we missed a week... But that was a ploy! Just a clever ruse to build the suspense and the anticipation leading up to the SEASON THREE FINALE! Yaaay! Wooo! Actually there's a real reason we missed a week, and it's an unfortunate and boring one: Crazy sickness! You'll hear all about how pathogens managed to plague us and force us out of proper life for a bit. And then we discuss why the world is a terrible place in general. But it's not all bleak and terrible here at the end of season three, we also discuss everyone's favorite food: pizza! So grab a drink and join us for a finale the only way we know how to do it: Meager and barely adequate! It's exactly what you'd expect, yet again, on Save Point Sunday!


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