Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 64: unhealthy lifestyle podcast

We have a sponsor! A real life sponsor! Over at Healthy Lifestyle Podcast they are pretty much the opposite of what we do here at Save Point Sunday. We're more of the "drink rootbeer and eat Doritos" types, but we don't have to be! We're gonna learn all about how to be healthier this week. We're also discussing our hopes and dreams in regard to America's game - no, not Pocket Mortys - Powerball! Did one of us win and this is our farewell episode to the masses? Guess you'll have to tune in to find out. Finally we wrap up the episode with a very special segment that our loyal PHIL helped to create: Save Point Story Time! Join us for an episode jam-packed with outside content. It's just another week here at Save Point Sunday.


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