Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 53: Phee-tness

Last week we discovered what was wrong with Colton (His fascination with clowns). This week we discover what's wrong with Staples, could it be a fondness towards Furbys? Possibly! This episode is also the origin story for a special Halloween video that not only already came out, but has garnered hate comments from children all over the internet, wow!!! But forget all of that, because on this episode we brought the main event: The wonderful, the incredible, accept no impersonators because this weeks guest on Save Point Sunday is the one and only King Pheenix! Joining us to rant and ramble on about all of the dumb stuff we want to talk about, and then to school us in the realm of fitness. It's time to get ripped on a jam-packed episode of Save Point Sunday!


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