Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 9: best of 2015.


Yep you're reading that right, I'm talking about LAST YEAR BABY! You really gotta give that music time to sink in, you know? In all seriousness though there was a myriad of obstacles leading up to the creation of this episode, but I'm so excited to finally be here to share with you both some amazing music from last year, as well as some amusing and sometimes tragic stories.


1. They Might Be Giants - Answer

2. Marc With A C - Exactly Where I Am

3. Everything Ever - Big Ideas

4. Twenty One Pilots - Fairly Local

5. DOOMTREE - Gray Duck

6. Prof - Bar Breaker

7. The Mountain Goats - Foreign Object

8. B. Dolan - Jailbreak (Feat. Aesop Rock & Buck 65) 

9. Wordburglar - Je Ne Care Pas

10. Dollar Signs - Holiday Inn

11. Jeff Rosenstock - Nausea



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