Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 5: revival

Remember when you thought Mixers was dead?! Haha, let's all pretend you cared for a minute so that it'll be exciting when I tell you that the podcast is BACK BABY! StarF is here with a collection of songs all about coming back from the dead to get this thing moving again.


1. Untested Methods - On The Quest

2. Mac Lethal - Raise The Dead

3. Fall Out Boy - The Phoenix

4. Death*Star - Social Apothecary

5. The Tossers - Finnegan's Wake

6. Blink-182 - She's Out Of Her Mind

7. Faith No More - Motherfucker

8. The Paper Chase - We Have Ways To Make You Talk (The Human Condition) 

9. The Nighty Nite - Animal Rites

10. Aesop Rock - Rings

11. My Parents Favorite Music - Ice Clock



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