Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 3: Resolute.

Welcome to 2016! Mixers is back with a playlist full of music sure to rouse you into a resolute accomplishment machine! Sticking with your resolutions can be a pain in the ass, but with the proper soundtrack anything can seem within reach easily. It's time to kick the new year in the butt!


1. Ian Axel - This Is The New Year

2. Sage Francis - Hell Of A Year

3. Wordburglar - Je Ne Care Pas

4. Dollar Signs - Try Hard

5. Pedals On Our Pirate Ships - Sometimes You Have To

6. Cloud Cult - The Strength

7. Guante - To Young Leaders

8. Torrentz - Keep All Your Promises

9. You, Me, And Everyone We Know - A Bigger Point Of Pride

10.Sims - Hey You

11. The Mountain Goats - This Year



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