Save Point Sunday

It's Like Drinking A Wicker Chair!

Episode 1: Introductions

Hello world! And welcome to my music podcast. Today I'm going to introduce myself, and hopefully introduce you to some new music you haven't heard before! This week we're talking introductions, so grab a drink, and I'll bring the mixers.


1. Bomb The Music Industry! - Campaign For A Better Next Weekend

2. Billy Talent - How It Goes

3. RPG-Unit - Fight! 

4. The Arrogant Sons of Bitches - 1-800-ALARM-ME

5. YTCracker - Introducing Neals

6. Ludo - Go Getter Greg

7. Marc With A C - All My Drug Use Is Accidental

8. Theory 77 - Some Kind of Hello

9. Sage Francis - SFR Pays Dues

10. DJ Shadow - Organ Donor



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